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The term rodent means rat, mice and bandicoots. rodent population is large.. They also cause damage to our buildings by their burrowing and gnawing activity. Our rodent control programme is a combination of baiting, trapping, and glue poisions and cakes.  This treatment will help in controlling the rat

        Rats, mice, bandicoots, vermin and other types of rodents are problematic in both domestic and commercial environments. They can pose hygiene issues as well as cause expensive material damages and safety breaches. Rodent transmitted diseases of most concern are salmonellas, Plague, Rat-bite fever and Leptospirosis(disease transmitted by rat urine). Due to the secretive nature of the animals, it can be difficult to assess their presence and the associated potential problems caused by them.

           Rodents include rats, mice and bandicoots with commensal rodents being the ones which live with or near man. Rodents are considered as the Number 1 pest by mankind, since they are responsible for damage to his food at all stages from field to his dining table. They are also responsible for the transmission of dreaded diseases to man and damage to his property by way of gnawing which may result in short circuit and fire hazards.

       Being a mammal, rats are very intelligent and highly adaptable creatures. Rodent control or rat control is always a tough and challenging activity.

The rodent control strategy includes combination of:-
  • Baiting
  • Trapping
  • Proofing

Rodent control baits are based on second generation single dose anti coagulant Bromadiolone. This bait does not require prebaiting and is accepted readily by rats and do not cause secondary poisoning.

Rat Control Bait Station Boxes

The baits are placed in bait boxes which are strategically located at places frequented by rodents. Fortnightly visits are made to replenish the bait and monitor rodent activity dead rodents, if any, are collected and disposed off.
If surrounding open area is infested with rodents the burrows are treated by baiting.

Rat Control Glue traps

The premises where baiting is not advisable, rat control glue boards and traps are used, here the rats are trapped and can be disposed off suitably. Thus, foul smell emanation from rats dying in inaccessible areas can be avoided.

After the rodent control exercise and initial cleanup operation, it becomes essential to prevent entry of rodents from the surrounding areas and also to stop movement of rodents within the premises. This calls for certain proofing measures, structural additions and fixed mechanical barriers to check entry and movement. The details of pest control are provided after a thorough inspection at the time of the initial clean up operation.


Rodex Rodent Control or Rat Control Service

  • Annual maintenance contract is undertaken for large commercial and housing complexes.
  • Since rats are highly mobile pests, this service is not provided to individual houses, shops or offices which are a part of the building.

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