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General Pest Control

Our Pest management defers the control of live Insects as well as hiding Insects.The main insects commonly founds in kitchens and food associated areas are cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, flies, and other insects such as lizards, spiders, fleas, bed bugs, silver fish, crickets, beetles, moths, caterpillars, worms etc. These are instantaneously knocked down by our treatment, and the insects which are in hiding are forced to come out into the open, and get killed.

Anti Malaria Control (Mosquito Control)
Fogging & spraying for larvicide’s treatment in all drainages, manholes, water logged area, closed areas surrounding the building, basements and garden.

Bee Hive Treatment
Spray on bee hive and surrounding areas and the beehives are destroyed in minutes.
Pre - Construction Anti - Termite Treatment
Providing Pre-Construction Anti-termite Treatment under and all around foundation pits, basement excavation, under floors, top surface of plinth , junction of wall and floors along the external perimeter of the building etc. We provide a ten years guarantee for this treatment .

Post Construction Anti-Termite Treatment
We drill holes of 8mm diameter and 6 inches depth at 1 foot intervals and then pour chemical into the holes, and seal these holes. We also spray inside and outside the building with a guarantee for five years

Rodent control
Rats are the main enemy of man, because they enter places where food is stored and contaminates it, thus spreading diseases such as Plague, Dengue, Cholera and Yellow fever. We know the habits of rats and the methods to control them. Rats can damage, food, cables, wires, wooden structures, dig around concrete structures thus weakening them. Rats are of the mammal class and a single female rat can produce hundreds of rats in a short time. We can track the rats (you don’t need a Pied Piper !!) and get them before they get to you.

Effective Methods of Controlling Rats are
» Identification of Infestation Level            » Pre baiting                      » Rodent Sanitation
» Rodent Proofing                                    » Post baiting                       » Trapping
» Catch Alive or kill                                   » Burrow Fumigation           » Cage Trapping
» Paste Trapping                

Weed Control
Sterilization / Anti weed treatment is undertaken strictly as per recommendations of the Specialist for various types of soil. This operation of spraying is repeated at least three times for completion of anti weed treatment at an interval of 15 days between two operations. After the soil sterilization material is applied, the surface is prepared to the required slope / grade, a base layer of uncrushed / crushed broken stone / pebbles (gravel) of 20 mm nominal size is spread on. It is then rolled / compacted using a half ton Roller (30” width and 24” diameter) with 4 to 5 passes followed by water sprinkling to form a minimum 50 mm layer on the entire substation Site.
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