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Bharath  Pest Care  was founded in 2000 by a group of professionals with an interest in all areas of pest control. We have experience in servicing all types of structures, including commercial, residential and industrial sites. Whether you are a warehouse, restaurant, hotel, educational institution, apartment building, food processing plant or other facility, we have the expertise you need in solving your pest management needs.

All Bharath  Pest Care technical and office staff are fully government licensed, insured and bonded.  All our technicians undergo criminal checks so you can trust us in your sensitive environment.  Unlike other pest control companies, CARE Pest is happy to provide green options, innovative solutions and quality work at a competitive price.

Sweeping traditional pest control under the rug

Traditional pest control focuses on fast solutions, often using large amounts pesticides as a short-term solution. At Bharath  Pest Care, we take a holistic approach to pest control management, using pesticides only when necessary. We don’t just sweep your intruders under the rug; we focus on long-term prevention and get to the source of the problem.

We have been featured in the local media for our innovative, green approaches to pest control. One such approach is our bed bug sniffing dogs. Bed bug sniffing dogs detect in parts per trillion, and catch infestations that humans could miss. This leads to a more selective use of pesticides. Read more about our bed bug sniffing dogs.

Bharath  Pest Care  is well versed in many types of pest problems. We specialize in insects (such as bedbugs), birds (such as pigeons), wildlife (such as squirrels), rodent control, pest maintenance programs and attic cleanups. If something is "bugging you" we can help!

Our Company
Bharath  Pest Care is a value driven Organization. Our motto is “GOOD SERVICE AND SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS”. The Company enjoys a prestigious position amongst its competitors in India. We have implemented advanced technology in Pest control, empowered by resourceful and well experienced staff. With the help of ECO systems, we use ECO FRIENDLY and non-residual PESTICIDES as a concern to Mankind and our environment.
Our Staff

Acknowledging the risk involved and the responsibilities the company provides ESI & PF diligently. Considering the health & well being of our employees  We ensure complete customer satisfaction, however, in the unlikely event of any complaint, our management personally takes care of the complaints.

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